Foreign Collaboration & Investment - Higher Education Sector India 1st November, 2013

It is little more than half a century ever since the Government initiated a planned
development of higher education in the country particularly with the establishment of
University Grants Commission in 1953. Thus early 1950’s is an important reference points
from which one could look back at India’s progress in higher education sector.

A bill “Foreign Education Provider (Regulation) Bill 2010” has been introduced to facilitate
operations of foreign educational institutions in India. The proposed legislation would
regulate the entry of foreign education providers as per India's priorities.

Though 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment through automatic route is permitted in
the education sector since 2000, but the present legal structure in India does not allow
granting of degrees by foreign educational institutions in India.

The need for global collaboration in higher education is the best solution to face the
challenges of requirement of skilled manpower in 21st century. The proposed Foreign
Education Providers Bill would facilitate globally renowned institutes and universities to
participate in India's higher education sector. It will also bring in foreign education
providers for vocational education and training.

Investment in higher education sector in India by foreign institutions would not only
benefit Indian students but also help other countries in getting skilled human resource for
their economy



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