Asia & Australia

INDIA JURIS leads the tally in Indian legal domain by doing 141 Investment Transactions during 2020 despite COVID 19.
Reach in Australasia: India, Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Australia

The firm being originated from India, one of the largest democracies and Asian country in the world, we have developed expertise in advising clients looking to invest or to do business in Asian countries, through our network outside India all over Asia. Our team has rich experience of dealing with Asian clients. 

If you are doing business with, looking to invest in, operating in or have any legal dispute in Asia region, we can provide you access to top Asian lawyers/law firms in the major cities of Asian countries.

Our team of lawyers visits Asian countries very often to meet clients with operations in Asian region and participate in many events and conferences in such countries.

To clients from Asian countries, looking to do business in India or outside India, we can provide legal assistance, through our network located in Europe, Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia.