With "farm to fork" approach, we advise wide range of clients throughout every level of production, ingreding, processing, packaging, labelling, distribution, advertising and dealing with regulatory and litigation issues impacting food and beverage quality and safety
Agribusiness is intrinsic to every stage of the food cycle and remains a key sector of the Indian economy. With all the rapid changing technologies and innovations happening in the national and international communities, survival depends on the fast paced adaption of the techniques, trade and policies, marketing strategies, and a competent business partner to guide on all the complex legal issues related to the sector.

We have been recognized internationally as one of the most active agribusiness advisors. We advise our clients on environmental issues, production, trading and distribution, import and export, seed and crop nutrition, storage, protection and supply, agrichemicals, fertilizers, bio-fuels, farming machineries and equipments, aquaculture and irrigation. We also guide on availability of irrigation land, state government regulation compliances and support on the variety of farming techniques: Green House farming, Polyhouse farming, organic farming, vertical and multi-crop farming. We assist government authorities with various development projects. 

How we can assist 
India Juris can provide legal, regulatory and business advisory assistance to Indian and foreign private sector companies and independent businessmen. Our Services in Food safety and Agri-business Sector include following:

  • Developing structure and roadmap for entry into the Food and Agri-business in India.
  • Assistance and advisory on Food Safety and Agribusiness / FBO registration, product approval and other assistance. 
  • Setting up of the Companies, Subsidiary, Liaison/ Branch Office in India for foreign companies. 
  • Joint Ventures, M&A, Collaboration, MoUs, Strategic acquisitions in Food and Agri-business such as assistance in acquisitions of certification and testing labs, etc. 
  • Legal assistance and services with respect to Agro-Parks, Mega Food Parks & Supply Chains.
  • Assistance in food testing & shelf life studies.
  • Legal assistance and services with respect to establishment of integrated Dairy Farms.
  • Advise on Tax rebates & tax advantage under various laws, central & state government policies and taxation study.
  • Legal advisory on Public Private Partnership
  • Repatriation and remittance of money and other legal services not included here. 
  • Legal advisory on foreign exchange laws and corporate compliances. 
  • Dispute resolution legal services including litigation & arbitration in Food and Agribusiness.
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Legal assistance in Technology transfer studies
  • Project Feasibility Study



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