CSR Policy

Firm believes in the concept of global society and as we practice our profession and operate in the society, we tend to make difference is the lives of less privileged with our possible contributions.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR Policy) of India Juris (firm) depicts its approach to sustainability and responsible business practices. Through various CSR initiatives the firm aims to promote sustainability, ethical behaviour, diversity inclusion and community engagement, while aligning with the firm's values, principles, and objectives.

Mission: Our mission is to conduct our practice in a way that is consistent with our values, promotes the well-being of our professionals, lawyers, and employees, benefits the communities we serve, and protects the environment. By implementing the CSR Policy, we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen and to make a positive impact on the world.

Stakeholder Engagement: India Juris will endeavour to engage with stakeholders, including clients, employees, local communities, and other relevant stakeholders. The firm should regularly consult with these stakeholders to understand their expectations, needs, and concerns, and incorporate these into the firm's CSR strategy and practice.

Ethical Behaviour: The firm is committed to ethical behaviour and business practices aligned with the firm's values and principles. The firm through regular training and education for professionals, lawyers and employees endeavour to ensure compliance with ethical standards in legal practice.

Diversity and Inclusion: The firm is committed to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, including diversity in race, gender, religion, and background. The firm strives to increase representation of underrepresented groups and foster a culture of inclusiveness through flexible working arrangements and initiatives to support diversity and inclusion.

Environment and sustainability: The practice and offices of the firm aims to minimize the firm's impact on the environment and promote sustainability practices. The firm shall promote and involve initiatives to reduce energy consumption, paper usage, and waste, as well as support for renewable energy sources and environmentally responsible practices. The digitalization of documents, books and record keeping will help the firm to promote sustainable practices.

Community engagement: The firm has a noble intent and commitment to giving back to the community and engaging in philanthropic initiatives that benefit local communities. The firm may support local charities, participating in community events, and volunteering time and resources to support local initiatives. The firm strive to help by devoting certain number of hours for communities, NGOs, Not-for profit organizations, Government organizations and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) on pro-bono basis.

Employee / professionals engagement: The firm is committed to provide opportunities for employees to volunteer, get involved in community initiatives, and support causes that align with the firm's values. This can include paid time off for volunteer work, matching programs for charitable donations, and opportunities for employees to lead and participate in community initiatives.

Continuous improvement: CSR Policy imbeds the firm's commitment to continuous improvement in its CSR practices. This involves regular review and evaluation of the firm's CSR activities and initiatives, and incorporation of feedback from stakeholders to ensure the firm's CSR practices are aligned with the changing needs and expectations of stakeholders.

The firm shall take appropriate steps to align its CSR Policy with the firm's values, principles, and objectives to reflect a commitment to sustainability, ethical behaviour, and community engagement. The policy shall be updated from time to time to ensure it remains relevant and effective in promoting the firm's CSR goals and objectives.